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Fletcher Chiropractor :: Dr. Jonathan Brown

Why I became a Chiropractor

Fletcher Chiropractor, Dr. Jonathan Brown

Fletcher Chiropractor, Dr. Jonathan Brown

I lived with intense pain to the point of not being able to perform my duties. At least 18 months of anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers, and pain killers. Physical therapy and a slew of medical doctors telling me that nothing could be done because nothing was wrong. So my pill collection grew, just so that I could “function” through the nothingness that was wrong with me. That was how I spent my last two years in the Navy.

I’ve always loved helping others, so I knew that I had to do something that allowed me to touch lives. I also knew I had not been helped by any of the doctors (or any other “health care” provider) I had met to this point.

Fortunately, a friend of mine was going through Chiropractic school and he kept insisting that I learn more about Chiropractic. The basic idea in Chiropractic is that the power that made the body heals the body. And since the drugs hadn’t done anything for me, this made a lot of sense. My primary goals heading into Chiropractic school were to be able to “function” enough to do some things I enjoyed and be able to help others.

The pain relief came relatively quickly. Within about 8 months I had experienced a drastic decrease in pain. I was happy. My goal of pain relief had been met, but I wasn’t prepared for what followed.

I was born and raised in Asheville and graduated from Enka High School. After serving six years in the Navy, my journey into Chiropractic began began at AB Tech and culminated in 2004 at Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Practice Philosophy

God created the body to heal itself. That’s the message. We want to help as many people as possible understand the simple fact that when your body functions better, YOU FEEL BETTER! And when your body is functioning and feeling better, YOU CAN LIVE LIFE closer to how you want and should be able to live!

We get to see children and their parents enjoy life more with regular chiropractic care. We also see people that have given up on themselves, because they’ve been told to live with “it”, find that they can enjoy life again!

My wife Dena’s life has been changed through regular Chiropractic care. She no longer lives with debilitating migraine headaches. My daughter Bethany hasn’t had the “normal” childhood sickness that many children deal with. As for my story, the ability to “make it” daily was achieved in a relatively short period of time. I wasn’t prepared for my dependence on Asthma medications (I used a steroid inhaler 5 to 10 times a day) to be eliminated. I used to have inhalers everywhere. The last time I used an inhaler was 2001. My life is totally changed!

Family & Hobbies

I met my wife Dena at West Asheville Baptist Church in 1999. She is also a local girl that went to Erwin. We were married in 2001. Our daughters Bethany and Abigail keep us entertained and on the go! We enjoy just about anything active and outdoors. Dena has a passion for scrap booking and I enjoy getting out to mountain bike the local trails around Western North Carolina. But my biggest joy is playing with Dena and my girls and just being Daddy!

I continue to get my spine checked for subluxations at least weekly. Diets don’t work. Choosing wisely what you eat works very well. Exercise regimens become another thing to add to the list of things that have to be done. Getting out and being active on a regular basis doing things that are enjoyable seems much more fun and beneficial. Dena and Bethany both get their spines checked for subluxations at least weekly. Bethany loves getting adjusted, so she gets Daddy to check her spine just about every day.

Please don’t give up on yourself! No matter what your health goals are, I am here to help you achieve them. If you want a band-aid, I will honor your choice. If you want to see how much hope can be found in better health, I would love to help you learn that as well. Give me a call and take this opportunity to change your life.