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Fletcher Residents are Loving Chiropractic!

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Brown Family Chiropractic Center patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

  • Looking ahead to improving my health with your help.

    - Charles C.
  • Loved the atmosphere and the staff.

    - Carole K.
  • Beautiful experience!

    - Lyndon H.
  • Great staff and visit !!! So happy I found them!

    - Jeff T.
  • I was impressed to the point that I suggested my wife change from her previous chiropractor.

    - Mike K.
  • Wonderful staff! Wonderful office environment. Looking forward to a successful treatment.

    - Nicole S.
  • My 1st time entering, was greeted with a personalized welcome sign!! How thoughtful!! Dana is always cheerful, and that’s great when you enter in some pain… 

    - Nancy I.
  • Very nice place that I would be glad to refer others to. Very nice comfortable environment and great staff!

    -Julie R.
  • First time with a chiropractor and I’m looking forward to the treatment and improvement of my issues.

    - Nina G.

Very Courteous and Attentive

On my first visit, I feel encouraged about the care I’ll receive. I basically only had a consultation and “observation” today but Dr (and Mrs) Brown are very courteous and attentive. I prefer less aggressive chiro care and the friend who referred me told me this is the place to come. I am looking forward to my first “adjustment”!

–Cheryl E.

Very Thorough

Dr. Brown was very thorough in his explanation of what he was doing during the initial exam. He made sure that I fully understood the results and what he is going to do to improve my health. His office staff was welcoming and made me feel comfortable in a new environment.

–Dawn K.

I Was Informed and Taken Care Of

It was the first time in many years that I’ve been in a doctor’s office where I didn’t feel like there was a time crunch for Dr. Brown to get me seen and get me out quickly. Dr. Brown made sure that I was informed, taken care of and nothing else was needed before the appointment was completed.

–Rhalina E.

Impressed With My First Time

I was impressed with my first time evaluation. I appreciate your willingness to practice medicine by studying my situation and not rushing to judgement without thoroughly studying me, my history and my current body situation. I look forward to hearing my diagnosis and being treated accordingly. Thanks again for making a necessary appointment a pleasure. l will be recommending your practice to friends!

–Christine D.

I Trust Your Call

I trust your call on my care .You are a professional in your business. The Business Is guided by OUR LORD AN SAVIOUR. YOU TREAT YOUR PATIENTS WITH RESPECT AND KINDNESS. PLUS YOU HAVE HELPED ME MORE THAN ANYONE EVER HAS IN YOUR PROFESSION . Thank you.


Listened To My Particular Problems

I love that Dr. Brown isn’t like other chiropractors he actually listened to my particular problems and is going to make a plan to help my specific areas. Dr. Brown really listened to everything me and my husband both had to say.

–Tara B.

Truly Understands

Thank you for working me into your busy schedule on such short notice. I have had a tough couple of weeks and the experience in your office gave me hope my pain will soon be alleviated. For the first time since my accident, I feel as if someone really truly understands my situation and is going to ease me through the next few months until I am back on my feet.

–Belinda W.

Excited For A Healthier Lifestyle

Overall it was a great first visit and it made me more excited for a healthier lifestyle. The welcoming sign was sweet. Dr. Brown is very knowledgeable and up front. I look forward to my next visit!

–Gina W.

Positive Step

I believe I am taking a positive step in my recovery from a fall I had several years ago. I am looking forward to beginning a new part to my body healing. Thank you,

–Carol H

Neck pain and numbness

I travel 50 miles round trip to see Dr. Jon because he has made a significant improvement in my quality of life. My neck pain/ burning and my hand pain/numbness had reached a level where I needed help. Being new to the area, I asked a neighbor for a chiropractor. She highly recommended Dr. Brown- thank goodness! Not only did he relieve my pain but his good humor, positive outlook, and plethora of knowledge improved my well being.

Spring brought too much heavy work and sinus headaches. Dr. Jon put my “head on straight”, eased the back and head pain and gave helpful advice on raw honey for allergies

I wish everyone could experience the kind ministrations of Dr. Jon Brown.

–Claudia G.

My pain is all gone

Chiropractic care has greatly changed my life. Before this care I was in pain almost all the time- sitting, standing, lying down, walking up stairs & raising my arms over my head. All that pain is now gone. It’s been a miracle!

–Kathleen S.

I can think clearly

I started Chiropractic care hoping that it would relieve my back pain. But, not only has it relieved the pain; it has also improved my ability to focus and think clearly. After my adjustments, I feel like a fog has been cleared from my head.

–Sarah O.

Migraine headaches

My son, Cory who is now twelve years old has been suffering from severe migraine headaches since he was five years old. Sometimes he would have two migraine headaches in one week. These headaches caused excruciating pain and misery for Cory. Unfortunately, there was not much that anyone could do to ease his pain.

In April 2007, I decided to seek some Chiropractic care for Cory. I am very excited to say since Cory has been receiving Chiropractic care from Dr. Jon his migraines have lessoned greatly. Cory has been migraine headache free for more than two months!!! I am so thankful to God and Dr. Jon for helping Cory enjoy his daily life pain free.

–Diane H.

More energy

To date, I have had a total of 5 adjustments by Dr. Brown. Since I have neglected my health for the most part for many years, I am sure that it will be quite a while before I get to the point where I feel “healthy”. However, in the short amount of time I have been coming to Dr. Brown, I have noticed a difference in the way I feel. Prior to starting my Chiropractic visits, I had very little upper body strength and I would have to take several rest breaks during any physical activity, especially when it involved the use of my upper body. I had my 4th adjustment on Wednesday, November 26th, the day before Thanksgiving. It ended up being around 10 pm before I got home that night and, since I still had a lot of things to do, I was up late that night and then up early the next morning. It did not go unnoticed that, at the end of the day on Thursday, I was not exhausted or in intense pain (with the exception of a headache), which is completely out of the ordinary for me. On Friday after Thanksgiving, I got up and went shopping for about 17 hours. Unbelievable! I won’t say that it didn’t take a toll on me, but this is not something I could have done in the very recent past. Hopefully, in a few weeks from now, I can give an even more glowing report. God bless you Dr. Brown!

–Kathy P.

More movement in my neck

I came to Dr. Brown because of back pain. What has really amazed me is how much better my neck movement is now. I have had problems with my neck for years but have just put up with the pain. After my treatments, my neck is much better with much improved movement. Thank you Dr. Brown.

–Delores P.

Dr. Brown explains everything

The first time I walked into the office I felt like these people wanted to take care of my problems. I noticed all the Christian materials lying around and I think that is impressive. I knew right then this is a place I want to be at right now. I love how Dr. Brown is so informative. He takes “baby steps” with you and explains everything along the way. The adjustments are painless and the table at the end…ooo…ooo…ooo! Thanks Dr. Brown & Leann for making my visits a great way to start the day.

–Gary S.

Sharp leg pain

Hi, my name is Larry. I came in to see Dr. Brown with sharp pains going down my left leg. I had picked up the front of my moms riding mower to work on it when I strained my back. I had already had one disk removed back in 1985. I was very worried and depressed thinking I was going to have to have surgery. After a couple of weeks the pains in my legs were gone and I was feeling better all over.

–Larry A.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call Brown Family Chiropractic Center at (828) 681-5454.